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About The THRIVE Organization 

THRIVE is the first Authentic Agent-Centric 100% commission brokerage based in Westlake Village California. 

*Update: Thrive is expanding to Ventura California! Email us for more details. 

Thank you for visiting us. I am excited to update you about our unique company.  What does that agent-centric mean? Most brokerage firms are broker-centric. They think that their brand in more important than yours. Some brokerage firms claim to be agent-centric but take $25,000-$50,000 of your commission every year (even if they cap, the broker splits reset). That is broker-centric in our view. 

Here is what authentic agent-centric means to us:
100% Commission Plan - Keep tens of thousands more each year doing the same work. No broker splits that reset every year.
Agent Brand Building Program - Your brand matters, not the brokerage. Only 3% of buyers and sellers picked an agent because of the brokerage. We help you build your brand.
Low Costs - Only $49.95 per month and no nickel and aiming.
Luxury Listing Agent Training - 12 week luxury listing agent training, no out-of-pocket cost to you. Watch the video here.
Luxury Branding - California Estates Realty is our luxury brand that you can affiliate with if you choose to.
Mentorship - I will be your personal coach and mentor. Review my bio here.
Leads - Get invited to our new seller leads team for new listing opportunities. The money is in the listings.
Digital - We handle all your transaction management work for you digitally so you can generate new business.
Very Cool Places to Work - We have energetic work spaces. See work spaces at  Work out of your home office? Not a problem, we have agents in several counties.

Learn more about THRIVE California, our luxury brand California Estates and our new program to support your personal brand building that we call Powered by THRIVE. Learn more at Join.Thrive.US or give us a call. We would love to speak to you.  We are growing and hiring agents all over SoCal. Check us out.

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Southern California
THRIVE has agents in Ventura, Los Angeles and Orange Counties and is expanding.

Scott Farrell – Founder and Broker
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Jamie Adams – Operations Manager
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The THRIVE Organization
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