Why List with a Boutique Luxury Broker?

After extensive tenures as a broker with RE/MAX and Keller Williams I experienced something interesting. The buyers interested in my listings paid no attention to the firm I was with as a listing agent.

Yes, they paid a lot of attention to my marketing campaign and of course the home itself, but often, when speaking with them, they did not even notice what brokerage firm I was affiliated with.

At first I thought it a bit odd. After thinking about it for a while, it made sense. Why would they care? It is not about the listing agent in the eyes of the buyer. It is about the home. It is also about the emotional hot buttons that my campaign triggered. But I was invisible to them for the most part and so was RE/MAX or Keller Williams.

The other reality is that big box brokerage firms, national brands, virtually do nothing to help get listings sold. It is all the agent. This creates a dilemma for most home sellers. Most real estate agents have no formal education in marketing and advertising. I was lucky in this regard. My grandfather owned an advertising agency and packaging design firm. I grew up around advertising. I graduated Beta Gamma Sigma from a great business school with a degree in marketing. I guess it is in my DNA.

So all of this motivated me to study the best way to market luxury homes across the globe. Thrive has an unparalleled global marketing strategy for luxury listings that includes extensive syndication, ads in the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Herald Tribune, The Robb Report and much more. This is expensive but it is the way to get top dollar. It is called Thrive Global Reach. Please emailPrint us to learn more.

Hiring the right broker to sell your home is a big financial decision. He or she better be a master marketer. Don’t be fooled by the logo on their business card. Dig deeper.

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scott farrell

scott farrell

Scott Farrell has had experience as a commercial real estate developer and as a broker has had tenures with RE/MAX and Keller Williams prior to founding Thrive Homes and Estates, a luxury residential brokerage boutique in Southern California. Thrive has recently launched its own listings search application for consumers.
scott farrell

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