Homes for Sale in Beverly Hills

Homes-for-Sale-In-Beverly-HillsEverybody wants to know about Houses for sale in Beverly Hills. Some people can even afford to live there. Click on this Search Map and you can peruse to your hearts desire and gaze at homes for sale in Beverly Hills beyond $50,000,000. 

Some these listings have very famous owners of course. Some you may have seen as sets in movies. It’s fun to see this world from a bird’s eye view. Check it out. 


scott farrell

scott farrell

Scott Farrell has had experience as a commercial real estate developer and as a broker has had tenures with RE/MAX and Keller Williams prior to founding Thrive Homes and Estates, a luxury residential brokerage boutique in Southern California. Thrive has recently launched its own listings search application for consumers.
scott farrell

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