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Thrive Launches Home Listing Search Website

Thrive Homes and Estates has launched its new website, Thrive.US,  which features a “pure search” experience for home buyers and sellers. The site is built with the intention of providing the best search experience on the Internet for people interested in searching for homes that are on the market in Southern California.

What do people want when they search for homes? It’s all about the listings. Devoid of clutter, countless ads and confusing features, the Thrive Search Experience™ offers a clean map-based user experience focused on pure search, and of course lots beautiful photos of fabulous homes.

Whether you are looking to buy a home or find out the asking or sold prices in your neighborhood, the Thrive Search Experience is fast and powerful and the star of the show is the property front and center.

Thrive founder Scott Farrell commented: “While there are countless search sites, a great search experience is rare. I could not find vendors that could provide Thrive with what we envisioned as the ultimate search experience for consumers so we designed it myself. To make that vision a reality, we had to hire a talented team of developers and build it from scratch, writing our own code

The Thrive Search Experience covers a large section of Southern California from Ventura County east to the inland desert areas and from north of Los Angeles to Orange County.  Start your search at the home page of

How to Find a Realtor

…or how to I find a real estate agent that really knows what they are doing…
Real estate agents are commodity these days. Last time I checked there were over 450,000 agents in California alone.

That’s a lot.

You have heard of the 80/20 rule. In our industry it is more like the 99/1 rule. For one thing about 9 or 10 quit the business in their first year.

For the ones that stick it out for the long term, most of those do not do much business. That is why we developed (in our biased opinion) the most comprehensive training program for agents that takes months to complete. In addition, once they complete the training, deal making coaching commences. All with the intention of getting our sellers top dollar, finding buyers the perfect home for a great price and providing the best customer service possible.

But let’s get back to the question at hand; how to find a realtor. And I am assuming what you really mean is how to find a good realtor.

This is a very important decision for most people because the wrong choice can mean thousands of dollars in their pocket. In some cases hundreds of thousands. Remember we are in Southern California with high prices for homes.

Flying Solo or Not?
One thing that most people do not consider is whether or not the agent is flying solo or are they part of a deal making team. Most agents fly solo. What I mean by that is even if they are with a national firm, most agents are left on their own because many in house brokers are more administrative and do not support the agent in terms of deal making. We structure Thrive the exact opposite of that.

Having tenures with RE/MAX and Keller Williams, I witnessed how the regular real estate agent is left on their own and the service to clients can suffer if there are needs of the client beyond the experience level of the agent.

The agent you are considering should supply you with their bio. Are they educated? We prefer to hire agents with a college education. Are they members of the California and National Association of Realtors? What local boards are they members of? Have they ever had a complaint with the Bureau of Real Estate? These are all considerations that you should consider because they are factors for us when we consider hiring and agent.

While experience is an important factor, if they are part of a deal making team, you need to look at the experience of the team. How many years in the business, what type of transactions of they done in the past? Do they have testimonials? Have the navigated complicated transaction successfully?

Entrusting what may be your biggest financial asset in the hands of a real estate agent, you have better have a strong sense of trust. If it is not there, keep looking.

Are they a Super Producer?
While this sounds great, being a super producer means super busy. Maybe you need an agent with adequate time to really focus on your transaction.

So you may be thinking how to find a realtor that is smart and confident? Great real estate agents are very confident people. They are also very professional and they usually dress for success. Pay close attention to your first impressions. If they are impressive and sure of themselves, they are probably good negotiators. You need someone that is skilled in the art of negotiation.

Market Knowledge
During their listing presentation, the agent needs to demonstrate extensive local market knowledge. They also must know firsthand, what your home should sell for. If you are buying, your agent needs to know the neighborhoods intimately.

One of the biggest complaints both from home sellers and home buyers is poor communication from their form agents. We train our agents to provide a detailing marketing report to sellers no less frequently than once a week and to call all active buyers every day. Yes, every day, to ensure them that they have checked the market for new listings. We have high standards in this regard on you should too.

If you are selling a home, we train our agents to provide sellers with a detailed presentation of the nuances of marketing homes today, particularly luxury homes. In addition, our listings are syndicated all over the world for maximum exposure.

You need to investigate these aspects with any agent you are considering hiring to sell your home.

If you would like more information about real estate, please connect with us. We are here to help.