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"Dot all the I’s and cross all of the T’s. That’s not just an expression, it’s a description of the type of work ethic and attention to detail that Chad brings to the table. He enjoys challenges and always makes sure he is well informed on every aspect of a deal he is involved in. 
 Chad has followed an exciting path to lead him to where he is today in business brokering transactions and commercial real estate. After finishing school in his hometown of San Jose, California, Chad moved to the East Coast where he spent 20 years working with a large international non-profit organization in New York City before returning to California. He holds both stationary engineering and refrigeration engineering licenses and has accumulated vast experience in building and facility management. That background has given him keen insight that he is able to apply in the world of business operations as well as commercial real estate.
 Outside of work, Chad regularly volunteers time alongside his wife as a community mentor and guidance counselor. He is a certified sailor and speaks English, Spanish, Arabic and French. He is an avid world traveler and has been to countries on every inhabited continent."
BRE# 02008757

Phone: 917-545-7910

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