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What do we call a person who works alongside other professionals with similar skill sets, yet is always able to distinguish themselves by their outstanding performance? We call that person an “all-star”. By definition, Aimee Thompson is an all-star in a variety of ways, both personal and professional. 
Her path to success began in San Jose, California where she was born and raised. After working her way through college and earning her degree, Aimee began a career in Human Resources that has allowed her to excel in recruiting management positions for a number of Fortune 500 companies. Never afraid of taking on the big tasks, Aimee has always figured out how to solve problems for clients and get them what they wanted. With clients as varied as Cisco Systems, AT&T, McKesson/Relay Health and Jet Propulsion Laboratories, Aimee has consistently delivered above and beyond the standard.
She has successfully raised two children, taking them on travels around the world. She speaks three languages, English, Spanish and Arabic. She has established herself as a leader in community volunteer service where she lives. So what is it about her that has driven her to the levels of achievement that she now enjoys? First, Aimee is principled and disciplined in her work ethic. She is also an analytical thinker. She handles challenges with insight and experience instead of emotion and haste. She understands what it takes to keep all parties up to speed and on the same page. These traits have naturally made her a trusted leader that others rely upon. She is currently enjoying great success as a realtor in the Los Angeles and Orange County luxury real estate markets. Aimee is definitely the all-star you want on your team. 
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