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Why choose a Thrive real estate agent?

The THRIVE Organization consists of THRIVE California Realty, California Estates Realty and a real estate personal brand building program that we call Powered by THRIVE.

THRIVE is the SoCal's first authentic agent-centric residential real estate brokerage company.

1.  100% Commission Plan: To be really agent-centric brokerage firms have to allow agents to keep most of their commission. We charge low transaction fees for closings. Any standard model brokerage firm fails this first test because of the reasons stated above. Keller Williams fails this first test also. Look behind the hype and calculate the costs of the affiliation both annually and over a prolonged real estate career. The numbers prove that these affiliations can cost the agent what could be a retirement plan in an industry where there is none.  

2.  Agent Brand Building Program: Your brand matters, not the brokerage. Research of buyers and sellers prove that they select an agent without concern of which brokerage firm they happen to be with at the time. Does your current brokerage firm really support agent brand building to the maximum extent allowed by the Bureau of Real Estate? A trade name that we allow you to place on your signs, business cards and sales materials is "Powered by THRIVE". This speaks directly to this issue.  What does your current broker do to empower your personal brand?

3. Low Costs: THRIVE only charges $49.95 per month to be an agent with our firm. We do not nickel and dime our agents. Brokerage firms that charge high administrative, desk or other fees are broker-centric, not agent-centric.

4. Luxury Listing Agent Training: An agent-centric brokerage needs to train agents to succeed in the luxury home end of the market. THRIVE University is a 12 week online luxury listing agent training available for no out-of-pocket cost to our agents. You even get a large PowerPoint luxury home listing presentation during the training. Does your current brokerage qualify?

5. Luxury Branding: For those agents that want to pursue luxury listings, you can affiliate with our luxury brand, California Estates Realty. This is a great name internationally as well. Does your current brokerage qualify?

6. Mentorship: Many agents need to shadow a successful agent or desire assistance with their marketing and deal-making strategies. Many agents need someone they can call on the weekends when an escrow goes sideways. I act as your personal coach and mentor. You can review my bio here: www.Thrive.US/scott.pdf. Does your current brokerage qualify?

7. Leads: Select agents may receive an invitation to be on our upcoming listing lead team. Buyer leads are available everywhere and are very taxing to work. Seller leads can lead to new listings and listings are where the money is.  Does your current brokerage qualify?

8. Digital: We handle all your transaction management work for you digitally so you can generate new business. Does your current brokerage qualify?

9. Very Cool Places to Work: You may think that THRIVE is a virtual brokerage. We are not. We have energetic, beautifully decorated workspaces for you in Calabasas, Westlake Village, Northridge, and are expanding to other locations in SoCal soon. See workspaces at  The days of having to work out of an overpriced boring real estate office are over. Have fun, network with new people and do deals at our work spaces. Does your current brokerage qualify?

So those are the 9 qualifications that we see to be an authentic agent-centric brokerage. Learn more at www.Join.Thrive.Us. Thanks for reading and all the best with your career.

Scott Farrell
Founder of the THRIVE Organization




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